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Hello, my name is Smokie, as my momma already mentioned I came as a stray who stole her heart away! I am a five year old female fawn Pug. I don't know why I was abandoned, but momma thinks it was because I just got done weaned my pups and they had no more use for me. I do have a couple of health problems. I have Pigmentary kerititis(PK), that caused me to have cloudy corneas. I am sure if detected in time, It may not have progress that far, but mommy didn't know it was a problem until she got curious and asked a vet and that is what he told my momma. I also had irregular seasons that was corrected when she had me spayed. This April I will be with my momma for three years and we both have enjoyed every minute of it. We love to surf the net and spend time together along with my sister Jasmine, who is too feisty for her own good! I also do therapy dog work with momma with Karing K-9's and love bringing a smile to people who need it.