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Pug Information


So you want a Pug

If you want an intelligent, playful, spirited companion dog, but you are too busy
or just lazy to spend time for excising or training your dog , the Pug is for you!!
But if you want to take your dog on long hikes or jogging courses with you ,
the Pug is not suitable for you. The Pug is a small, cuddly, and
adorable toy dog. They well adapt to indoor environment. They are well behave
from the biggest house and yard to an apartment without a yard. They also love
to snuggle with their owners while sitting on the couch.

History of the Pug

The history in ancient China still remains with uncertainty. Most likely, Dutch East India Company introduced Pugs to Europe in the 16th century. The oldest recognizable breed as Pugs was first shown in the record of The House of Orange in Holland.

The Care of a Pug

Minimum requirement is brushing once or twice per week. When I groom my Pugs I pay more attention to their nose roll by using a baby wipe twice a day and to combat the moist nose roll that leads to a yeast infections I put desenex in the crevices of the nose roll. IF a yeast infection does occur please take them to the vet. Of course they must have their nails trimmed

General Concerns


Flat face dog specific concerns are as follows :

Should avoid excessive heat. As other flat faced toy breeds, excessive heat quals difficulty in breathing.

Biting power may weaker then long faced breeds, they can easily choke


Other pug dog specific concerns :

They are indoor dogs!! NO questions about IT!

Their eyes are relatively large(or buggy) and eye injuries can occur.

They tend to be piggy eaters, be careful about over-weight .





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