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Pomeranian Information




The smalest member of the spits family, the Pomeranian boast from tough sledding dog ancestors. Exactly when it began to be bred downin size is not known, nor is where the minaturization took place. The breed's likely ancestor was the Deutscher Spitz. Only when the breed was taken to England was it dubbed the Pomeranian. But these early dogs were not the Poms known today. By the 1900, Poms has been recognized by the AKC, and dogs were being shown in both England and America in an arrray of colors. The Pomeranian has coninued to be bred down in size, at the same time, an emphasis on coat has led to its unsurpassed "puff-ball" appearance.


Bouncy bold, and busy, the Pom makes the most of every day. Its is curious, playful, self-confident at times cocky, and attentive. It is reserved toard strangers. Soome can be agressive toward other dogs. Some bark a lot.


The Pom is active but diminutive, needing daily exercise but able to meet its needs with indoror games or short walks. Although it has a warm coat, it is too small and family oriented to live as an outdoor dog. Its double coat needs brushing twice weekly, more when shedding.


Poms can have patellar luxation, open fontane, hypoglycemia, shoulder luxation, PRA, entropion and occasionally seen is tracheal collapsed, PDA. Poms can live up to 16 years.



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