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The Pugs and Poms are the most precious breeds you could ever run into! They are special angels. They are special beyond words! They are full of energy and love and very eager to please! I came to know this wonderful Pug breed when Smokie came into my life as a stray, who found her way into my heart! Jasmine came from a backyard breeder who didn't care who she went home with as long as they had money, and me knowing no better at the time got soft hearted and took her home with me.. To learn more about these two angels just click on all about Pugs, as well as seeing more Pics of them at their best! If you want to learn more about the Pug breed click Pug Info.This page was designed by Marcy Harthman, who is very knowledgeable on the Pug breed. I hope you find this part of this site very interesting and educational.I came to know the Pom breed when I got my first Pom Nippy, whose life was cut short and is now waiting for me at rainbow bridge. I now have Jaylah, who loves to play tug-a-war and with her Pug sister Jasmine. To learn more about the Pom breed go to AKC's website




Pug graphics on this page courtesy of the Pug Museum and Tylo330

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